sunday worship service 10:00 AM

Nursery care and children program are available during the worship service. Enjoy some coffee and time to fellowship after the service.

Sunday school 11:25 AM

There will be a 3 week break from Sunday school classes for Christmas and New Years. Age specific classes for the whole family will begin again on 1.14.23.

The Gospel CENTERED Life

The Gospel Centered Life is a 9-week Adult Sunday school class that helps Christians understand how they can apply the Gospel to everyday living. Material in the class is based on Robert Thune book The Gospel Centered Life. Each of the lessons contains select Bible reading, summary of a biblical topic, an article for the group to read together, a time of discussion, and an application exercise. This class helps Christians realize the gospel is not just to be preached to non-Christians, so they come to faith in Christ. Rather the gospel needs to be taught to all believers, even mature ones. Participants will develop a greater appreciation for how the Gospel is relevant for every day and crucial for progressing in their faith.

The Gospel Project

The Gospel Project is the Sunday School curriculum we use for children and teens . It is a Christ-centered, weekly Bible study that helps all ages dive into the big story of the Bible – God’s plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ. Children and teens will chronologically work through the whole bible as they deepen their faith and knowledge of Scripture. Each lesson challenges them to consider how they can apply biblical teaching into their own life. We want every child and teen to have a strong Biblical foundation from studying the whole Bible and seeing how Scripture is connected and points to Jesus.