• Eric Cooley, head Elder

    Eric is a teacher by profession and brings experience and wisdom as a skilled communicator.  Eric is serving on the pulpit committee. He and his wife Claire have two young boys, and two teen age girls, one just off to college and one who is always willing to help but regularly volunteers in our AV department. Eric and Claire also teach our Teens.

  • Pastor John Banks, ELDER

    Pastor Banks has been serving our church family for more than 8 years. His knowledge of the Bible and how it relates to believers continually blesses us. Pastor preaches most Sundays and also fills in for Jeremy teaching Adult Sunday school as needed. He leads Bible Study and prayer time each Wednesday evening and also participates in our book studies, usually as a rotating instructor, facilitating discussion. 

  • Pastor Jeremy Yeckley, Elder

    Jeremy is newly elected to our Elder board but brings years of valuable experience and wisdom  as a licensed counselor for Foundation's Christian Counseling.  He and his wife Kara have two young children.  They are both a joy! Lyla, the oldest blesses us with her beautiful violin playing some Sundays and both children participate with the Tabernacle Express kids who sing for us on occasion. Kara is a gifted singer and musician. She co-leads our Worship Team. 

  • Pete Gregory - Head deacon

    Pete and his wife Cathy have lived in Honesdale their whole lives.  They have been part of our TBC family for many years. Pete loves to work outside and with his hands.  He has his own business. He has a great head for numbers and is knowledgeable about a broad array of things. He is always ready to help out. 

  • John Derrick - Deacon

    John and his wife Emily have been a blessing to our church as they are involved in numerous ministries in our church from music to children's ministries. They have three children who all attend our Tabernacle Express program each Sunday morning.

  • Jared Newbon - deacon

    Jared and his wife Abby recently welcomed their first child in 2021. They are both willing to help out wherever they are needed and are active members of our Audio/Visual team.

  • Gary szezorak - Deacon

    Gary and his wife are native Honesdalers!  They are amazing people, hard working and always willing to help. They own and operate a local business. They have skills in many areas and are a blessing wherever they go. 

  • Phil Thompson - deacon

    Phil and his wife Debbie have been active in our church for years now. They have both served as deacon and deaconess numerous times. They have a heart for ministry and service.

  • Matthew Zausch - deacon

    Matt and his wife Diana have been a blessing to our church with the different ministries they have been involved in. They have two children who are actively involved in our children's ministry. Matt is always willing to help.

  • Deaconesses

    The Deaconess position is a voted position that is up for renewal every year. We are blessed to presently have eight women elected to serve our church in this way. 

    Some of their official functions include:



    fellowship dinners

    arranging hospitality needs



    encouragement cards

    first baby showers

    bridal showers

    kitchen oversight

    various miscellaneous areas of need