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tabernacle express W/ lifeskills

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At TBC we honor our families ... and we LOVE our KIDS!  

TABERNACLE EXPRESS train theme program with new LifeSkills learning for kids

4 years old - 6th Grade

Jesus centered fun and fellowship. 



Here is a sample of our New Mid-Week Program for FALL


  Ticket Counter Check-In

  Conductor’s Welcome & Prayer!

  Crew & Passenger Sing Along Time

  Captain’s Bible Lesson

  Brakeman Games & Activities

  Caboose Memory Verse & discussion

  Engineer’s LifeSkills Time*

  Conductor’s Closing

  Passenger Pick-Up

* LifeSkills : learning or seeing a demonstration of a new skill you can use for your whole LIFE!

                                                 gardening • communication • exercise • politics • police • law •                                                       meal preparation • waiting tables • repair • music • electricity •  sign language                                                      construction • magnets