Deacon Board

  • Pete Gregory, head Deacon

    Pete has been elected to serve as the Head Deacon on the Deacon board where he has many years of experience. He will be the board's representative to the  Nomination Committee and also cares for the church van.  

  • Gary Szezorak, Deacon

    Gary has served many terms on our Deacon board and alongside his Deacon responsibilities he will also provide oversight of the building and grounds of the Tabernacle as well as our parsonage property. 

  • Scott Francesconi

    Scott is serving the second time on our Deacon board and is faithful to his responsibilities.  Along with other Deacon responsibilities, he is the liaison for our audio needs and oversight of our hall use.  

  • John Derrick

    John is serving another term on our Deacon board.  Along with other Deacon responsibilities he will  serve as our Mission Board representative and our Budget Committee rep.